The Curve

The Le Tresor-run street markets are dynamic and ever changing.

Hardly the same stalls are seen each time you go there. Of course, this may not go well with people looking for familiarity, but we’re here to stir up the scene.

There are more than 100 stalls in our street markets.

The theme as well as the stalls are changed every year while the color themes changes every month in order to maintain a feel of freshness.Our stalls offer a diverse range of products form fashion to home decor as well as jewelry.

Perhaps you might not have noticed it, but our streetmarkets are like chameleons – every month, the colour combinations and arrangements are changed. And there’s more coming up in the near future as we plan bigger and more exciting events. We’ll be adding a touch of fantasy and magic to the streetmarkets. You won’t have to go to Neverland to experience your own fairytale.


  • Le Senz Natural
  • Choc Tales
  • Stylish Fashion & Coigril
  • Bobo Shop
  • Suzanne Pin & Petals
  • House of Batik

       Lots more..

  • Pen House Enterprise
  • Gee’s Original
  • Star Net World


Operating Hours?

10.00 AM to 10.00 PM every Saturday & Sundays & selected public holidays.

What’s the rental

RM 200 (Normal Space) and RM 220 (Corner) per day

Contract Duration?

One month, renewal each month if qualify.

What’s provided?

Tent, Table – 6ft X 3ft, a plastic chair, fluorescence lights and table cloth.